Organix News

September 27, 2007

PowerPlant now OMRI certified!

The American Gardener - Green Garage

Five Minutes With Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) & His Biogas Bill

Senators Introduce Bill to Promote Biogas Production Through Tax Credits‏

Quality Protocol for anaerobic digestate published

Environmental Power Corporation and Organix, Inc. Establish Alliance to Produce High Value Soil Amendment Products

Organix CSPMA Release

Barks Worsening Bite

The Green Genies

For Peat’s Sake

Organix Update on Rupert Fiber Facility

Myths, Legends and the Truth Surrounding the Anaerobically Digested Residuals Market

Does Peat Moss Have a Place in the Ecological Garden?

September 19, 2007

For Peat’s Sake, a Renewable Replacement

September 17, 2007

RePeet News Release

September 14, 2007

RePeet - First Load Delivered