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The purpose of this section is to introduce news and current events that we think are relevant to the challenges that Organix is addressing. It will include things such as how agriculture affects the environment, the challenges of peat moss harvesting, renewable energy, organic farming, and environmental responsibility in general.

February 25, 2009

2,003 have gone out of business

The number of U.S. dairy farms licensed to sell milk continues to decline.

According to USDA’s Feb. 19 “Milk Production” report, 2,003 licensed dairy herds went out of business last year. The report shows there were 57,127 licensed herds in 2008 vs. 59,130 in 2007. The largest herd losses were in Wisconsin — down 440 herds — and Pennsylvania — down 340 herds. New York and Minnesota lost 150 and 205 herds, respectively. California lost 55 herds last year.

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February 18, 2009

Cow-powered trucks hit the street

Manure could power two million homes

Manure could power two million homes